Teddy Garcia's "Let me talk about it"

with Ken Boothe, Carl Dawkins, Big Youth, Roy Ellis, Nicholas Laraque and Daniel from Alpha Boys School, The Tennors, Janet Kumah, Caz Gardiner and Little Britenum

Teddy Garcia "Let me talk about it"

Digital download available now. Pre-order the vinyl to help us fund the pressing. Mount Grove Music presents to the world the very first long play compilation of ‘Old School’ Jamaican artists nowadays. Ken Boothe, Big Youth, Daniel Richards (Alpha Boys School student) & Nicholas Laraque, Ronnie Davis, The Tennors, Roy Ellis and Carl Dawkins are the artists from the golden age of Jamaican music who recorded over the melodies composed and arranged by Teddy Garcia. Janet Kumah, Caz Gardiner and the young promise Little Brittenum, who is only 12 years old, complete the 12 tracks included on this LP, which has already become a record collector choice for Jamaican rhythms lover.

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Let me talk about it

01 - Alpha on the top - feat. Nicholas Laraque and Daniel from Alpha Boys School

02 - Let me talk about it - feat. Janet Kumah

03 - Wipe your tears - feat. Little Brittenum

04 - Stormy Day (without a rainbow) - feat. The Tennors

05 - Maya - feat. Carl Dawkins

06 - King of Keys - feat. Roy Ellis

07 - Nico's Walk - feat. Big Youth

08 - Zion - feat. Ronnie Davies

09 - 15 Ounces - feat. Caz

10 - Memories (from last night) - feat. Ken Boothe

11 - Granada

This is the first LP MountGrove Records releases and, as it happens with the firstborn son in any family, it occupies a very special place in our hearts. Without this recording MountGrove Records would have neither seen the light nor even exist. This record is perhaps one of the craziest projects in which Teddy Garcia has adventured himself. No doubt that Teddy needed to joint forces with Nestor and Alberto Corazón (Tato), co-funders of Mount Grove Music, to be able to carry this costly and, at the same time, gratifying project out.